25 Consecutive Comrades

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The Bus is working, but the Bus Driver is broken.

About 3 weeks ago now our bus driver Jan broke (a stress fracture in his pelvis). Jan is a legend- he has run 25 consecutive comrades and he is a machine! How did he hurt his pelvis? you might ask, well about 9 years ago a friendly motorist drove into the back of him while he was out on a morning bike ride. Jan woke up 30 min later and alas… no motorist. If 9 years ago Jan sustained this injury that means that he has trained and run 9 Comrades with this pain. Wow. Some runners are another breed and Jan is their leader.

So here is my shout out to all you bus drivers, I know every club has one. You are the ones that get the best out of us; push us when we have nothing left. You guys are the reason we get out of bed in the morning because we know that you will be waiting, and you guys put up with our snide comments when you mean well and we simply don’t care anymore because we have hit the brick wall that you never seem to hit. So cheers to you guys, you bus drivers, you legends of the game.

I have realized that without our bus driver around I am quite lazy and always looking to cut a session short or run a little slower. But really that is not my main problem, I want Jan back. Since he has left another has tried to take his place and she is simply mean, she always needs to hurry things along. Hey I don’t even think she has a license to drive this bus. Surely running law says that should the bus driver be injured or hit by a friendly motorist or both which leads to him not being able to perform his duty a new bus driver will be appointed after, and only after, a vote has been cast. No bus driver will be self nominated into a position of authority. Otherwise we could have a Zimbabwe type scenario taking place and before we know it club members are winning their own lucky draws. I say no to the new bus driver and I say lets put this to vote.

Bus drivers: thanks we actually love you guys even though we say otherwise at around 38km. Jan heal up we need you.

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