68 Days To Go!

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By Aimee Vandale

Time is flying and this month has been madness! I finally… officially joined a running club and qualified, which is a huge relief.

My training is on track I have only missed 3 short training runs since the beginning of the year. The kilometers keep adding up and this month I have nearly doubled my average distance from past months.

This month I ran my first marathon and qualifier, The Re-max Challenge in Edenvale. I was incredibly nervous before the race, because my longest distance before this was 21km’s. I had no idea what to expect. I knew I have been following my training program to a tee, so physically I should be okay, but I was worried about my mental preparation. I decided to break my race down into four, 10km runs with a little bonus run at the end. I also wrote my splits down into 5km intervals. I found this made the distance less overwhelming.

To make my qualifier more memorable, I had the opportunity and honour of running with Comrades King, Bruce Fordyce, for just over 5kms of my race. He gave me some great advice, encouragement and inspiration which made my experience even more incredible. What a humble and amazing man.

This month I also attended ‘The Bonitas Comrades Novice Project’ talk with Lindsey Parry, Bruce Fordyce and Brad Brown. There were some helpful and useful tips. It confirmed that everything I have been doing is good. I often wonder if I’m ‘doing enough’ as a novice and the talk reminded me, to trust my training program and to continue doing what I’m doing.

I’m looking forward to April ‘the month of the crazy, scary looooong run’. It’s going to be a challenging but exciting month.

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4 Responses to 68 Days To Go!

  1. Vusumuzi April 10, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    I have been attacked by cold and flu and this is my second week. my concern is the possible loss of my training runs resulting in reduction of mileage which I have already accumulated. What is your advise in these circumstances? I would not like to take chances in forcing training runs.

    • Aimee April 11, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

      I hope your starting to feel better. If you have been following your training program, I don’t think a week off will set you back. Your body obviously needs the break and running through sickness will probably make it worse. I would suggest getting in contact with your doctor or Lindsey Parry (he has a RW blog). Get well soon!

  2. Manette April 14, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    I am amazed Aimee that you can do what you are doing, knowing that you have had major surgery on your foot not that many years ago. You will do great on the long run. You have inspired us, your Mom and Dad to run, you too will be running when you are in your late 60′s just as we are. My training for my next 1/2 marathon is going well. The race for the Police Half Marathon is on May 6th.
    Wish we could be in South Africa when you race, our thoughts will be with you all the while the race takes place.
    Mom and Dad from Winnipeg, Canada

  3. Mary-Anne Brink May 29, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Well done!!! And don’t doubt yourself ever!!! You can do this! I ran with the minimal training and also really did marathons in that year of comrades, so you will be fine. There is no way around it… YOU WILL SUFFER! It is a race that tests you and you will see that people you meet along the LONG day of running will also be suffering whether they did double the km’s that you did. Trust your training as Bruce said (he gave me pointers as well during my training and it helps) and just enjoy it, think of the end going into that stadium, because I tell you that you WILL feel a piece of heaven in that moment and just focus on that!

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