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Leonid Shvetsov Comrades Doping

Comrades Champ In Doping Scandal

American marathon champ Eddy Hellebuyck was suspended six years ago from the sport for doping. He’s finally confessed all - and revealed the mind-blowing source of his dope ...
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Why do I get side stitches?

Do you suffer from side stitches while you run? Here’s why… and how to counteract them. comment That pain that rips through your midsection is something that everyone can relate to. Chalk it up to the act of breathing. Or, more accurately, to your diaghragm, the musc ...
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The 2010 Comrades Marathon LIVE Coverage

09h50: Bottom of Cowies, and the defending champion has just passed Moshiywa and is now in the lead.. 09h44: US top contender, Josh Cox is well off the pace. He isn’t even in Hillcrest yet. Wonder what happened? 09h35: Bruce Fordyce has just gone through half-way. He’ ...
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This Time Next Week (2010)

Many emotions are surfacing the week before Comrades, but it has just hit home for Comrades novice, Brad Brown - that this time next week, it will all be over. ...
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