Been Sulking

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By Sheldon Hallis

I haven’t written in awhile because I have been sulking. Nothing like messing with a runners routine to get you upset. You see, I got an injury. I managed to hurt, pull, stretch, tear, tweak- whatever it was- my hammie. And whatever I did he didn’t like. I realized that I had probably pushed it too far when my calf and foot started to get pins and needles while running.

So I was off to the physio. Apparently my sciatic nerve decided to get involved too. As the diagnosis of my injury got worse I could tell that my sadistic physio was getting more excited because not only was she going to make me cry while digging her elbow into me, she was also going to be able to jab me with needles as though I was her favorite pin cushion. I survived to tell the tale.

I had to take one week off running and skipped two long runs. It is really sad what running can do to you, because even the fact that I had multiple rest days in a row- which meant a lot extra sleep- could not put a smile on my face. I just wanted to be out there with the running group.

I took one week off, two weeks easy, and this Saturday I attempted my first long run in awhile and all went well. This morning (Monday) I ran 10km and all was still well. If I don’t do anything stupid (and by anything stupid I mean like trying to clear a pothole with one step) in the next few weeks I should be fully fit to go come the 29th of May.

To all you runners out there who are nursing injuries, lets not be stupid. Lets sort those injuries out so that we can once again be happy members of society.

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