Bronze Medal: March

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Bronze Training Programme: March

Feeling good? You’ve done a marathon and qualified for Comrades - but you’re now wondering how you’re going to run double that distance?

The trick will be to continue your steady development with patience. You can do another marathon or a shorter ultra (50km) in March as a TRAINING RUN. It is important not to “race” this race: if you do, you’ll struggle to recover in time for Comrades.

Bronze March

Download the PDF for March, here >>
Bronze Medal (Sub 11) Training Paces:

Recovery: 6:40-7:00

Easy running: 6:20-6:40

Long Runs: 6:30-6:45

Hill Repeats: 5:20-5:30

Time Trials:

4km 22:00

5km 27:40

8km 45:30

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  1. Dorothy graham March 16, 2015 at 8:44 am #

    Hi I am a 60 year old women living in Zimbabwe. I am running the two oceans and comrades this year, do I taper for two oceans then pick it up again after the race for comrades. I am running on average 320k a month. I am in D seeding, do I also do another ultra before comrades how soon after two oceans shall I do it. Don’t want to be over training.
    Dorothy Graham

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