Comrades On 3 Months Of Training?

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By Thea-Mari van der Sandt

It has been a very testing month, nothing is going according to plan! To start off with I developed Achilles tendinitis in one tendon, then the other, followed by a groin injury. After numerous visits to the chiro as well as the physiotherapist the injuries remained. I am use to struggle with tendinitis, but the groin injury was new to me and excruciating to boot! Running was out of the question, so I turned my attention to mountain biking, in order not to loose any of my fitness.

The first week went very well, I could log 13,5hours, of which more than half was climbing mountains. The second week didn’t go as well, but still I’ve managed to get some good rides in. During the third week I had the opportunity to cycle the single track at Oak Valley near Grabouw! I’ve been there before and knew it would be good fun. About 30min into the ride I had to go over one of the numerous fence bridges that they have built especially to accommodate mountain bikers. It wasn’t my first bridge of the day, but it was the steepest, so I WENT FOR IT!

Big mistake! The next moment I was lying on the right hand side of my rib cage struggling to breath. After about 5 minutes I got up and we continued on the red route. When we got back to the car I felt nauseous and had to force some food down my mouth. I guess my body was still in shock.

Four days went by with little relief, so I decided to get it x-rayed…the result, one broken rib, and 4 weeks of no training, not even cycling! Now my question is; can I prepare for Comrades with only 3 months of training?

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  1. Jose dos Santos February 8, 2012 at 11:21 am #


    Last year was my first Comrades. I too cycle (road). In total for the preceding 12 months before race day I ran 630km. This was due to recurring injuries as every time I healed I panicked and starting too quickly with too much distance so another injury would occur.

    I did not do an ultra.
    I only did 2 x 35km runs
    When I could run, most of my runs were 10-15km with a 22-28km on Saturdays.

    I finished in 11h40 with relative ease and no muscle stiffness or pain whatsoever. Becasue I was constantly at physio I enrolled in their biokinetics studio 2-3 times per week and they worked me hard on (a) stability (b) core strength and lots of single leg work. This was March April May.

    I was cautious about the 2nd half of the race so I went really slow.

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