Crazy Runners

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By “Kate”

It’s official.  The security guard at my complex, David, thinks I’m crazy.

Where as before Comrades training started in earnest I would receive a friendly wave on my way out for a morning run and a  ”How did it go?” in response an hour or so later, now all I receive from David is a shake of his head and a look of amusement mixed in with sympathy.

Why?  Because, to a non-runner, what we do is crazy:

  1. Comrades runners blogWhen one of my running partners came to my complex at 4.30 am to collect me for a Pretoria race, David assumed it was some drunk guy trying to see me and refused to let him in.  Which, I suppose, makes some sense – people who are driving around at 4.30 in the morning are usually making their way back home from a big night out, not making their way from bed for a big morning of exercise.

  3. One morning, when my running partner and I were doing hill work, David stood outside the complex by the gate and watched, in complete amazement, as we ran to the bottom of the hill, turned around and ran all the way up it again and repeated the process several times without stopping.  Afterwards as my running partner and I made it to the top of the hill for the last time huffing and puffing and then made the comment “great session!” David chirped, “You two don’t look so great!“.

  5. On Saturday I went on a long slow club run.  David let me out the complex at 5.30 as I drove to the club and then looked shocked when 3 hours later, I returned on foot, with 6 other club members in tow, to stop for a drink of water along the route.  The look of shock progressed into horror when, after we’d all drunk our fill, we turned and exited the complex and carried on running.  When I return in my car an hour or so later all I received from David was a shake of his head.  Clearly the concept of a long slow run is lost on him!

  7. And to top it all off, once, as I was waiting in the car park of the complex for my running group to arrive, David was chatting to me about what exactly we do at these races.  He was nodding with interest as I told him about how there are water tables every 3km and such a great vibe with all the people, but that interest quickly changed to a look of complete horror when my response to his question of how much I get paid to do this was “No, I pay the race to run in it!“.Shaking his head, David said “so you pay them to wake up early, drive far away and exercise for hours at a time?”.

Well, when he puts that way perhaps we are a bit crazy after all.

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  1. Carol Ward March 15, 2011 at 11:57 am #

    LOL I guess it only something another runner can understand :-)

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