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By Tamara Sneyd

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t had the best start to 2012.

All good intentions aside I haven’t managed to run a full week’s mileage this year! Disgraceful I know! Its just been one of those periods where there was too much happening and when I finally had the chance to take a breath, it happened to be a germ-infested one! I landed up with the dreaded ‘flu. So after completely derailing my training regimen, I tried to dose myself within an inch of my life – vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B injection, med lemon – but besides peeing orange for a few days, this didn’t help at all.

I eventually went to the doctor, she gave me an antibiotic. Antibiotics are evil! I hear you cry. I know they’re not terribly good for us and it’s better to try go it alone but I really didn’t have the time to rest in light of the Midmar Mile coming up and the Qualifier at the end of the month. So I buckled and went for some chemical help. Within a few days I could breathe through my nose again and today I’m going out for a little gallop so see how I fare.

It just goes to show how important diet and adequate rest is. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and skipping meals, eating junk and I’ve paid the price.

So I’ve got my head screwed on tight now and I’m exceedingly keen to hit the road running. I’ve also come to realise that more is not always more and sometimes doing a less, is better than pushing it when your body can’t take it.

Thus enter the February Resolution: Hard as you can, when you can, and when you can’t, rest! Tony Horton of Beachbody fame has an awesome slogan which I fully intend to adopt: Do your best and forget the rest.

So with this in mind I’m saying a hearty goodbye to January!

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