Did Your Survive The Festive Season

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By Riaan Erasmus

Christmas meals and New Years party. Did you survive?

I ran low kilometres during this time. No, I won’t blush.

Listen to your body as this way you will learn to not over train. First race this year was Bay to Bay, and this time round we did the relay. So much better on the body, and well, it was a hot day, so worked out well.

Funny stories during the race, overheard two ladies talk. “I was at the physio,” the one said, “and he told me, no more than 5 km was allowed to run.” But yet she was doing the full 30km race. You can’t beat any runners determination!

This story was very funny: a lady just finished her 30km race in about 3H30 and at the coke table at finish, she asked the chap, “Do you have any diet coke?” Haha, you just ran 30km, why would two sips of diet coke change your world.

People still ask me why I run?

Moments like this keep me going back for more, even if it hard to get out of bed 4h30 to be on time.

After race memory of Bay To Bay, was clear that pushing on the downhill towards Houtbay was not clever even if you feel good.

Lesson no. plenty of running. Pass your race and then you won’t get injury. Hurt my knee on the downhill, and a week delay on lifting my kilometers per week towards my qualifier for Comrades, at Oudtshoorn.

Tip of the week: pass yourself.

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