Finishers Medal: February

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This programme is time based, so people of more experience and greater running ability will get relatively more out of the programme and progress faster. Time based programs also prevent you from settling on a route that you need to run faster every time you do it. It is also easier to maintain discipline and run easy on the easy days.

The Novice Project programmes are built around 4 days of loading and 3 days of recovery. Do not be tempted to do more as this will only compromise you later in the programme, leading to injury, illness and under performance in goal races.

Also note that training days are interchangeable, if your club has Time Trials (TT) on a Tuesday or Wednesday you can swap days.

Do not be tempted to add extra training days into the programme or to add in speed/hill work if none is provided for.

Comrades is not about how fast you can run!For example, to achieve a silver medal you must be able to run 5min/km for 7.5 hours and to be capable of that you should be able to run a 3 hour marathon (4:15.9 min/km). In other words it will not be lack of speed that costs you your goal medal on race day, it will have more to do with your ability to sustain a steady pace for 87km.

Coupled with this is the increased risk of injury during high intensity workouts.

In short: Stick to the programme.

Finishers Training Programme: February

Feeling good? You’re coming along nicely and building up a good routine. You may feel pretty comfortable running, but it’s important to keep walking as part of your training because this will be a vital part of your  race day strategy.

Resist the temptation to run your qualifier this month so that you can run Two Oceans Ultra. It will put too much stress on you and you’re likely to get injured.

Finishers Medal (Sub 12) Training Paces:

Recovery: 8:00-8:15
Easy: 7:20-7:40
Long Runs: 7:20-8:00

Time Trials:
4km 26:00
5km 32:00
8km 52:00

Finisher Feb

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