First Week Of Comrades Training: Done & Dusted!

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By Thea-Mari van der Sandt

The first week of Comrades training is done and dusted! It didn’t go quite according to plan, but I got all the kilometers that I needed!

Usually we finish the week off with a long run. Comrades’ 2012 training however, started with a long run…longerthan what I anticipated!

I took part in the Knysna Trail Run, it was well organized and I could see that they did put a lot of work into it. In our race packs we received a space blanket, whistle as well as strapping, this we had to carry with us on the route. They had traffic police who safely guided us off the busy N2, we started on time and the water points were excellent.

We ran through the beautiful Hakerville forest and headed down towards the rocky and very technical coastline. I loved every moment of it, the more technical, the better. We pushed hard, since I was in the lead and had an opportunity to win. Then suddenly the markers disappeared. A cyclist who was illegally riding the very famous Hakerville Red route took some of the bunting away and we went the wrong way. We ended up running an extra 4,5km’s, a total of 28,5km’s. The good news is everyone got lost, the bad news; some of us got a little more lost than others!

The race organizers handled the situation fairly and professionally, the prize money was split equally between the top 3 spots…so we all went home with big smiles on our faces and good km’s on the legs!
Later that afternoon I took part in another race, a 10km beach run…so day one of week one came to a total of 38,8km’s!

I bought myself a new pair of road shoes, my trustworthy Gel 1170’s, this afternoon. They will be going on their maiden voyage a little bit later, if I can cope with this heat! Eish!

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