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The first week of 2011 is pretty much done and dusted. Its been a big week for me. I’ve been training pretty hard over the last few months in the build up to the Ironman 70.3. I’ve been running but haven’t been doing that much if I have to be honest. I’ve done the odd half marathon since Comrades 2010 but really haven’t been putting in massive mileage. I’ve probably been averaging between 20 and 30km a week for the last three months.

I remember in my build up to last years Comrades how I battled with injuries in November and December and never really started January off a good base. I also remember how the increase in intensity last January really hurt me. In 2010 I ran my first half marathon at the Johnson Crane at the end of the month and snuck in just under 2:30.

It was probably towards the end of last week that it hit me like a sledge hammer that it is January and its time to start getting serious about Comrades 2011. I went onto the Runnersworld website to check out Lindsey Parry’s training programmes for December and January to see where I was with regards to my training.

After bombing out of last years down run I made the decision that I need to aim for a sub 11 Comrades in 2011. Looking at the programmes I was slightly behind the curve on the sub 11 programme so this week I’ve upped my training to get in line with what the Coach reckons we should be doing.

I’ve also had to have a look at the racing calender and see when would be the best time to qualify. There are three options for me. The first is Johnson Crane at the end of the month. The second is the Pick n Pay in the middle of February or the Vaal (where I qualified last year) the first weekend in March. And that is where the clashes come in. I’m doing a half ironman the weekend before Johnson Crane. I’m scheduled to do another one the weekend after Pick n Pay and the Vaal marathon is out of the question because there is another half ironman (the last before the full Ironman in April) on the same day.

So, this is my dilemma: do I run a marathon the week before or the week after a half ironman triathlon?

I’m leaning to the week after (Johnson Crane) because I figure those tri’s are less taxing on the body than a marathon and I’d rather do a marathon on slightly tired legs than a tri on shattered legs. So as it stands right now, I’ve upped my training intensity in line with the sub 11 programme, in two weeks I have my first half ironman triathlon and a week later I’m qualifying for Comrades. Its going to be an epic month to say the least.

No more stuffing around, its going to take a big effort to get over the finish line at Comrades this year and this week I just got REALLY serious about it.

Have you?

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