Happy New Year

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By Johan Lesch

Well, to all the people who celebrated Christmas hope you had a great time with family and friends. If you are anything like me, you probably lost a bit of fitness and condition through the festive season and as we all know there is only one way to get it back: running and eating properly.

Our clubs first time trail will be on Wednesday the 4th of January and I am sure it will be like seeing your mother in law driving over a cliff with your new car; glad to see all the club member ready to go for the new year but a bit scared and unsure, “what if I am the only one who got terribly out of shape”.

The first focus of 2012 will be qualifying for the Two Oceans ultra and improving my seeding group for the Comrades (currently F). I am hoping for a group C qualifying time for both the Oceans and Comrades. Hopefully I can run a sub 3H40 marathon previous best is 4H15, but the fact is I have never specifically trained for a marathon and I have only done two marathons in my brief running career.

This time I am following a marathon specific training program. I am using the F.I.R.S.T training program which was featured by Runnersworld somewhere in 2009.

I was planning to use the Johnson’s crane marathon (29 January) as my qualifier but due to changes in my personal situation I have moved it to the Kloppers Adidas marathon (11 February).

That’s all from me for now good luck in running of the Festive season, my goal for January 2012 is 328km.

Last thought; A runners is always the loser in an accident, be less and be safe take care of yourself.

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