I’m A Bad Taper-er

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I’m a bad taper-er. While I’m not actually running all that much (30km last week and less than that this week) I really miss having something to occupy my Sunday mornings, the afternoon naps afterwards and the well-deserved feeling that my body was tired and needed rest. I also find that most people don’t understand that resting really isn’t that enjoyable. Other runners are talking about how they love running shorter distances less often and I nod along so as not to appear too loser-ish but honestly, I miss it!

I’m restless. My boyfriend is studying for exams which was fine when I was busy most weekends with running but now I’m stuck in our flat, having to tiptoe around him while he studies and I’m BORED. (Queue sounding like a whiny spoilt kid who doesn’t realise how luckily she is.)

I do know I’m lucky though – I’ve reached this stage of training with no illness, no injuries bar a few niggles here and there, a very stylish short tan, more mileage on my legs than I’ve ever had in past years, a gorgeous pair of not too dirty pink Pegasus, and a great understanding of myself and what I’m capable of (the answer is just about anything provided I start slow and keep my wits about me).

But to sound like a whiny kid again: “are we there yeeeeeeeeetttt?”. 29 May must just come now! I’m ready to be on that start line, lining up with my dad together with 16 000 other people, ready to end this journey that we all started when we questioned whether we were capable of running the comrades and the answer that came to each of us was a “yes” or a “maybe, but I’m sure as hell going to try”. I’m ready to feel almost sick with nerves and excitement and I’m ready to feel exhilarated and proud to be a part of something so uniquely South African as we sing the national anthem before the rooster crows and we’re off.

Perhaps this is the actual point of the taper. Not to rest our legs, but to make us become restless and yearn for the run, to think it over and over in our heads, to wonder in our hearts whether we can do it. Perhaps its so on the morning of 29 May we want to give it our all and 9 or 10 hours into the run when courage falters and we wonder whether we can do this the answer will come that we can.

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  1. Shaun Wewege May 23, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

    9 or ten hours? That’s where I plan to reach the half way mark!

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