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By Riaan Erasmus

I’m Riaan Erasmus,35 years of age and married to Adele Verwey. Oh yes we have no kids, yet. I have been running since 2009, with Bellville running club. I work in retail as department manager at Woolies. Run mostly before work as retail have a way to get those legs tired.

Growing up in Kimberley and always did road running as a young adult, not to get fit, but to check out the girls…Things boys do to meet someone. Silly. Adele convinced me to join her in the quest to run Comrades,as she wanted to do one last big thing before turning 30 years of age.

This is the WHY, Comrades.

Well, happy wife happy life,and I then started running.

Ten months before Comrades 2010,I started to train,and ran 1.4km every second night. This lead to my first 10km run,where my shoe broke 6km into the race, it was a cross country run,which I did not know until I started and it was raining.

Well,I was hooked on running and after that my first 21km, first 42.2km to qualify and then 2 Oceans and after that the big one, Comrades.

All this in 10 months. Time does go by so fast,but running memories kept me going. Finished Comrades in 11h51 and this is proven that it can be done in 10 months. Missed my back to back thanks to planter faciatus foot injury, but rested and is on track to go to Comrades 2012.

I started to train earlier this year in October, not waiting for the new season. Needed to get a head start on fitness to run the 1st qualifier I can with less stress.

Well with that said, I am so looking forward to share more as I continue this journey towards my 2nd Comrades. Whether you have done it before or never, this read will inspire your legs to go and run,I’m sure.

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