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Dear Coach

I am currently getting treated for ITB. I noticed the ITB after Two Oceans. I have only averaged about 50km per week after Two Oceans. The last two weeks I have rested (only swimming for cardio) to try and get the injury sorted out. I have had two cortisone injections and busy with physio every third day.

To date I have done about 1400km since November and about 1000km since Jan (which included two marathons and the Two Oceans 56km).

Assuming the injury is sorted out and I start running next week, will I still manage to complete the Comrades? I just want a finish.

- Craig

The Coach Answers:

ITB is caused by a variety of factors.

Sometimes only one, often by a combination. The reason people are laid down for months is because a) they continue for too long in the blind hope it will heal on its own b) they do not get to the root cause.

  • ITB can be caused by one of or a combination of the following:
  • Tight glutes – people think this is always the case and it is not.
  • Tight hip flexors – most common and presents as tight glutes because it causes your femur to twist inwards
  • Weak glutes which contributes to the above, as well as because you are not stable on landing causing tightening of the glutes
  • Pelvic instability which will also be related to weak glutes.

In terms of your training you have done enough mileage to have a fairly comfortable ride, as long as you can get the ITB under control.

For more information on treating and preventing ITB, click here.

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2 Responses to ITB Flare

  1. Samantha May 13, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    I also suffer from ITB… I have started using a foam roller (the type that is used in Pilates classes) to massage my ITB every day, and i can’t tell you how much it has helped my ITB :) You basically lie on your side with the foam roller under the side of your leg (where the ITB is) and roll up and down as much as you can. It’s a super self-massage that definitely has loosened mine up. I still see my biokineticist and my physio from time to time for an assessment and both of them agree that the foam roller has only done wonders for this very annoying condition!

  2. Craig May 13, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    I have just had the same problem, back got injured on hard hills session put my lower back out. Hip flexors unbalanced so got ITB on right leg, Chiro is working wonders with spine and muscles – I would recommend visiting a Chiropractor to make sure everything’s aligned and balanced otherwise you will aggravate the ITB. Then ice and stretching!

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