January Training?

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By Johan Lesch

Well, by all accounts January has not gone quite to plan and what’s probably worse is the fact that I have only myself to blame.

Firstly I missed the first two time trials of the year due to eye problems. “I just could not see myself going to the time trails”.

Anybody who gives a look at the weather predictions would have seen that Kimberley has had a uniquely warm January month. Now I was born in the Northern Cape and have lived here my whole life but I have never been so struck down by heat as I have been this year to date. This could be attributed to either the early onset of old age or this global warming thing has some merit.

Secondly going along nicely on my long run I had a bit of a nasty fall, right in the middle of the road.

Thirdly I was very lazy I will probably miss my mileage target for January by about 60km which is a lot.

But on a positive note I did one time trail 8km in 38min and small change and it did not feel as I was going to die. My qualifier is still February 11 and I am feeling confident that I will be able to go under 3:40 only factors that I cannot control could derail me such as the weather.

This morning I realized it is only about 4 months to go to Comrades 2012 (cue excitement and fear) so better get to it and if you haven’t started to train yet, you better get your act together.

I would like to issue a challenge, if you were brave enough to enter Comrades be brave enough to put in the hard work, qualify and pitch up to complete it. Far too many spots are wasted on people who simply decide not to arrive.

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