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The pursuits of sport and charity are two which go hand in hand. For decades, athletic events have offered their support to charitable endeavours, furthering thousands of worthwhile causes and enriching millions of lives.

Despite this, the sporting world has yet to effectively utilise influential social media platforms to raise funds, choosing instead to opt for old-fashioned payment methods which are often difficult to use.

In 2012, the Starfish Greathearts Foundation is harnessing the power of Facebook, Starfish will give 2012 Comrades runners the opportunity to reach out to over 4 million South Africans in the hopes of securing support for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Furthermore, this undertaking will be spearheaded by South African media personalities Koula and Simon Gear, giving greater weight to this important message. Both celebrity runners have given their time to this worthwhile cause.

“In today’s modern society, innovation is the lifeblood of success. By blurring the lines between sport and an influential technology such as social media Starfish intend not only to alter the way that fundraising is approached globally, but also to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need,” says Taryn Curtis, Starfish Fundraising Co-ordinator.

“Our ultimate goal is to sign on 200 Greathearts with the objective of each one raising a minimum of R5000 which would lead to over a R1 million raised, quadrupling our 2011 effort.”

Koula, Starfish Ambassador says, “Running Comrades is such a rewarding challenge. But as much as the hours of preparation in training are worth every second on race day, it can sometimes seem like quite a self-indulgent exercise. So by running for the Starfish Greathearts Foundation, I choose to give something back.

“I commit the hours of preparation and the grueling 89km on the day to raising awareness of the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa and to the fact that everyone can assist in changing those children’s lives for the good by supporting Starfish,” concludes Koula.

Simon Gear says, “The Starfish Greathearts campaign appeals to me as they have a long standing and proud relationship with the Comrades Marathon. I ran my first Comrades in 1997 and I have always wanted to make running Comrades even more meaningful and hopefully I will now be able to do so.”

How do I become or support a Starfish Greatheart?

1. Enter the URL –
2. Like the page / group
3. Click either;
a. Register as a Greatheart
b. Support a Greatheart
4. Follow the simple on screen prompts

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