Knees Hurt?

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Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is often confused with runner’s knee. Knowing the difference will ensure that you treat the right injury properly.

Location, location, location

ITBS: You feel pain on the outside of your knee.
Runner’s Knee: You feel stiffness over the front and inside of your kneecap.

Timing is everything

ITBS: Your knee hurts during long runs but goes away afterwards.
Runner’s Knee: It hurts at the beginning of a run, but it fades once you warm up.

Up or down

ITBS: The pain tends to be worse when going down stairs or hills.
Runner’s Knee: Becomes more painful when climbing stairs or hills.

Bend it

ITBS: Deep knee bends aren’t painful
Runner’s Knee: Deep knee bends hurt.

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