Koula joins Simon Gear as Official Starfish Greathearts 2012 Comrades Ambassador

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Popular radio and TV personality Koula has joined Simon Gear as an official ambassador for the Starfish Greathearts 2012 Comrades campaign.  In addition to her extensive work in the media Koula has become well known as a distance runner in South Africa having completed 5 Comrades Marathons to date.

“All five Comrades’ have been run for charity,” says Koula.  “This year I was invited to be a Starfish Greatheart and gladly accepted.  The charity is well established, does a tremendous amount of good for the children of South Africa and has been involved with the Comrades Marathon for many years.”

“In addition, the charity is progressive and is soon to introduce never seen before methods of charity funds collection, cleverly integrating social media channels like Facebook.”

“I was initially dared to run the Comrades Marathon and vowed to never run it again, but the bug has certainly bitten and I can’t imagine not participating in this great race.  As a proud South African, this is something that every able bodied citizen should attempt at least once in their lifetime.  If I can help even one person via charity doing something I love, it makes it even more worthwhile.”

Taryn Curtis, Starfish Fundraising Co-ordinator says, “We utilise major public events like the Comrades -Marathon to harness public support. This year we are excited to confirm Simon Gear and Koula as our Comrades Marathon ambassadors!”

“We would like to thank Simon and Koula for giving their time and showing so much passion for our cause.”

Visit the Starfish Greathearts Facebook page  or the Starfish website  to find out how you can support this incredible initiative.

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