Mixed Emotions

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by Stephen Muzhingi

As I prepare to leave Zimbabwe in about a weeks time, for South Africa, where I will spend the next few months finalising my preparations for Two Oceans and Comrades, I do so with mixed emotions.

I am sad to be leaving my wife, family and especially my 2 year old son for an extended period. I sit here and wonder are these the emotions that go through every sportsman and woman before they depart for a long trip to pretty much, do their job. I do know that this is what has to be done, as this is the life my family and I have chosen. Without sounding harsh, being away from my family will do me a lot of good as I can then start to focus 110% on the task at hand and not have to worry about the stresses and strains and distractions of everyday life at home. At least my family will be at Comrades again this year, which excites me as this will keep me motivated to not let them down and perform at my best when they are watching me.

From a professional side it’s weird to think that the next time I am at home, it could be as a Three time Champion of Comrades, or still a two time Champion. I sometimes think What if I don’t win? Would I be embarrassed and would I be able to walk with my head held up the way it is right now? Would people still see me as a good athlete or would they now see me as just a regular runner, (because lets face it, and if any sportsman or woman tells you otherwise they are lying), everybody Winner of the 2010 Comrades Marathonlikes to be noticed and feel a little special. If I don’t win again, would I be letting down the people that supported me, my country and the ones that have entrusted their faith in me? Yes, yes, I know most will say as long as you gave your best we will still be there, but truth being told, people are fickle.

If I win again, I could arrive home to a heroes welcome, and that my friends, is what fires me up to continue to succeed.  When you do well, to see the smiles, laughter and joy it brings to the faces of your friends and family is what its all about. If I can make people happy and smile from my achievements then that is just perfect for me. I will come out on top because I have done as much if not more than I have in the past and I do have a trick or two up my sleeve for the guys that want to chase me down at Comrades.

There is a new, focused and pumped up Muzhingi on his way to South Africa – Look out! Theres going to be a Road War between Durban and Pietermaritzburg very SOON!

So I will finalise my arrangements for S.A, and will come back home in a few months, and whatever happens I know that my family will always love me for me, and no one or any title will change that, and I am a Champion!!!!!

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