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I’m learning that a significant characteristic of Comrades that sets it apart from other races is the immense commitment required.  I have been doing quite a bit of traveling over the last 4 weeks.  This means I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be.  Last monday I did a 30k long run.  I missed this weekend’s long run, and have decided to just put it off til next week.  I’m aiming to do a couple of 20k+ runs this week, and several 10′s, with hills or a time trial on one day.

The temptation is to try and make up for all that has been lost.  I’m not trying to win the thing, just get under 10 hours at this point (Bill Rowan ran away from me a while ago).  The long runs are hecticly important, and consistency as well.

But trying to catch up on distance is a sure way to get injured and miss Comrades altogether.  I’m still trying to be ok with this idea…

Another thing I’ve learned is that life tends to happen to all of us.  Comrades runners are no different.  We have lives to live.  With all of the busy-ness of life that is happening, I’m learning that I NEED my runs to stay sane.  In addition to normal work, I’m starting a new church, as well as studying an MBA.  It may sound strange, but I can’t afford to not run.  I am clinging even more tightly to the time that I can run just for the chance it affords me to get out and escape and clear my mind.

I’m feeling quite pensive on this afternoon where my morning run was rained out, and I’m still in the office at 18:00 and had to come to grips with not running at all today…

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