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By Tamara Sneyd

My name is Tamara Sneyd and I live in the rural community of Ixopo, Kwazulu Natal on a plantation. I’m 28 and I live with my husband, 5 dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses, sheep, cows, pigs and a plethora of chickens.

I run because I can. I know that’s not much of an explanation but it’s the truth. I entered the Comrades Marathon on the 30th November 2010 (aka Closing Day) without much thought, or in actuality, concept of what the race would entail. Disgusting! I hear you committed ultra runners exclaim. I know it was an impulsive decision but the journey to the start of that race was a phenomenal one for me. One that changed me innately and absolutely.

The feeling of accomplishment as you cross that finish line is not one I’ll forget in a hurry. And while I was panicking and stressing about training programs, running shoes and the monstrous task that loomed ahead of me, I unintentionally fell in love with running…

So this is number two for me and this year I feel a little more prepared, a little more structured and I plan to take it to the next level. Last year I was more than happy with my Vic Clapham but this year I have that Bronze in my sights. I’m following a Don Oliver training programme with some tweaking here and there. I’m meticulous about logging my training, as training partners are a little thin on the ground in the ‘Bundus’ (if you don’t count my dog, Kwezi), that’s my accountability.

I started running in late September this year (a marked improvement from my 6 month crash course of 2011) and I feel like I’ve put in some good mileage and my legs are ready for the new year and the many miles its takes to conquer to Ultimate Human Race…

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