My Worst Run Ever

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By Craig Hatting

Running is hard! I have a sneaky suspicion that my body was not built for running. This last Saturday my running partners and I set out to conquer one of the longest training runs we’ve done for this years’ Comrades and with a sunny Durban it promised to be a great run, but at about 15km the wheels fell off and I suddenly felt nauseous and just couldn’t go on. Now I’m not new to the tough draining, energy-sapping long run but this was terrible! Of course we were at the furthest point from home and I had a long walk to freedom, of a different kind.

On my way home I was thinking about my serious running friends I’d spotted earlier, who have less body fat than Amy Winehouse and are more ripped than Madonna (Yes, I am describing guys using women, but seriously Madonna would probably beat me up if I ran into her in a dark alley but there aren’t many of those in Malawi). And then you have me with my muffin top, that is a tummy that hangs over your pants like a muffin, because of too many muffins. It made me realise that some people are just designed to run fast and the rest of us simply drudge through our runs with all the agony and breathlessness and enjoy the off days more than the training days.

My consolation though came from a rather strange article I remembered reading a few years ago about Michael Schumacher and an Opel minivan taxi. He was running late for his plane and asked the taxi driver if he could take the wheel and avoid missing their flight by getting them to the airport faster. The driver obliged and Michael milked that minivan for all it had. I’m sure that car was sucking air like a Hoover, which is pretty much how I feel on most of our runs. But I felt good thinking that even minivans can have their moment of glory alongside the esteemed F1 cars. So next time you get passed by those F1 athletes and are very definitely reminded that you are in fact nothing more than a minivan, take solace in the fact that even minivans have their day and yours is coming. It may not be today, but surely the day will come.

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