Natural Pain Relief

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4 ingredients in your cupboard that will aid in easing away muscle inflammation and soreness.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Contains: oleocanthal, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that behaves similarly to ibuprofen.

Eat it: drizzle it on baked potatoes, salads and post-run pasta.

Cottage Cheese

Contains: branched-chain amino acids that work to decrease after-exercise muscle damage and soreness.

Eat it: dress it up with blueberries, walnuts and a touch of real maple syrup.


Contains: curcumin, the inflammation-fighting anti-oxidant that gives this spice its yellow hue.

Eat it: when making rice, add a dash of turmeric to the cooking water.

Wheat Germ

Contains: Vitamin E, an antioxidant that decreases exercise-induced oxidative muscle damage.

Eat it: mix a heaping spoonful into your smoothie or oatmeal.

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