Nerves starting to set in.

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By Brandon Paschal

I wasnt really nervous going into Two Oceans last weekend. I was planning on using it as my long run for Comrades anyway. In light of Comrades, 56kms didnt seem so big. Its just 14kms more than a marathon, right? Two Oceans posted videos looking at the major hills on the website. Until then, I wasnt nervous at all. But then after seeing the hills and their length, I started to get nervous. And then we drove the route 2 days before the race, seeing the distance and the hills, and the nerves continued. But on the day, we lined up, we ran, and 5:34 later, I crossed the line and the race was conquered.

Comrades scares the crap out of me. 89 ks, Two Oceans plus 33 ks, Marathon x 2, plus 5 ks. Climbing the entire way. A month away, and I’m nervous. But then, I’m hoping that is respect for the race. You can’t take an ultra marathon lightly. I am nervous, and thats a comforting fact.

I finished Two Oceans comfortably at 5:34. For my first ultra, this was an incredible experience and a great confidence builder for Comrades. The hills are bigger I’m sure, and the distance is 33ks longer, but I feel ready. And the most exciting thing is that the ridiculous part of training is over! Bring on May 29th!

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