Niggles, Hiccups and The Loooong Run

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By Aimee Vandale

Well we are almost there! I’m always dumbfounded by how quickly time has been going. Training continues to go well, I must admit my body is tired, it feels like I have been hit by a bus. I’m definitely looking forward to the mileage cutting in half, so my body and legs can start to re-coup.

April was a tough month. I experienced my first niggle in my foot which kept me off the road for a week. During that week I realize how much my body and mind needs to run, as an outlet for stress management and sanity. I have been making regular visits to see my Physiotherapist who looks like a prima ballerina with hands as strong as hulk, who without a doubt leaves me black and blue after every visit. The tiredness has set in and my enthusiasm is starting to lag, so I have been going to plenty of races on weekends to boost my moral. I have decided that one of my favourite parts of running in races is listening to other people’s conversations….should I be admitting this? On Sunday, one middle-aged scruffy man was asking another muscle man if he had a ‘Mantra’, I couldn’t help but giggle, I love running!

On April 27th, I participated in RAC’s 60km Looong run, which, believe it or not I actually enjoyed. I treated the run as a dress rehearsal for Comrades, making notes on blisters, chaffing and energy supplements. It was a special experience for me, running with people of all ages, sizes and different cultures which unlike other races and training sessions were all working towards the same goal, Comrades. I ran with some great people, who were full of tips, insight and encouragement, which I am grateful for. I also met some amazing people who I will be joining on the Sub 11 hour bus. As time creeps forward, the 60km run has left me excited for June 3rd, as the reality of what I have been training for since August, is right around the corner. Veteran Runner’s have made it clear that your first Comrades is an indescribable and incredibly special experience.

Good Luck to everyone in your final weeks of preparation, see you all at the starting line!

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2 Responses to Niggles, Hiccups and The Loooong Run

  1. Mary-Anne Brink May 29, 2012 at 10:30 am #

    Aaaah…. I have goosebumps all over my body!!! I know exactly what you are feeling and saying! Firstly – they are absolutely correct! Your first run is extremely special and truely a live changing experience! And don’t feel bad about listening to other people’s conversations, it is what makes races so interesting and enjoyable. It connects people… ALL people! I have always said that if all people ran, this world would be a better place and I truly believe it! I could never run with an ipod as I felt that it was defeating the purpose of why I run, because I enjoyed talking to other people, listening to other people and just being in the moment, but some runners LOVE ipods… ha-ha! I think the bug bit you, so go with it and enjoy it! It is VERY close now!

    • Aimee May 29, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

      Ahhhhh….Thanks Mary-Anne, you have been so incredibly helpful and supportive through this process you are such an inspiration!

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