Nobody Expects The Inquisition

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By Shaun Wewege

There are two things no one expects when training for an event – the Inquisition (according to the Monty Python troupe) and illness or injury. And wouldn’t you know it? I’ve had both. Illness and injury that is, not the Inquisition.

When I last blogged I noted that my training was on a knife’s edge. I had started my training in earnest a bit later than I should have and left myself with very little room for off-days. Since posting, I have been ill twice and had a slight niggle in my right knee. An injury sustained in high school came back to bug me. I damaged ligaments while playing hockey and every once in a while my knee swells and feels tender. Oddly, the ligament damage was not the worst of my injury. The pupil appointed to do first aid at the game decided to put ice on my knee after I twisted it. Hot ice. Never since that day have I been able to trust first aiders!

The biggest battle though has been a mental one. Last year I took on Ironman and Comrades and though I was sick of training by April, I managed nonetheless to grit my teeth and get through it. This year, I have battled to focus and have had a Jack-Russell like attention span.

Heading out to run hasn’t been the major issue – it’s the intensity and drive while on the road. I have battled to get my legs to move quicker; struggled to stick to distances I have set out to do; and even used weather as a reason to cut a run short.

I decided that the best way to combat this laziness is to enter races. My reasoning seems solid – if I pay, I will show up, do the distance I need to do, and my natural competitive streak will push me to run harder against the clock. I went online and signed up to do a couple of runs, hoping that the atmosphere and droves of people at races would inspire me to push myself a little harder.

My plan is one race in. I have three more lined up over the next two weeks and as long as I don’t find ways to distract myself, remember to set my alarm and keep away from people who have some sort of plague I should be able to build up some mileage.

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