Paying For The Sunshine

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By Tamara Sneyd

I love this country – there are few places in the world that luxuriate in the diversity we enjoy here. We have beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, ample wildlife and not to mention friendly people. But we have crime. Oh boy do we have crime!

For me this translates to one of the major inconveniences of running in this country, especially as a woman alone. Dealing with the many imposing threats has sadly become second nature to us. At the insistence of my husband, I wear reflective clothing to prevent me being smeared by a timber truck, I carry pepper spray in case I get attacked by a mugger, a 2.4 million (YES, 2.4 million) volt Taser in case I don’t get him the first time and a cell phone in case I get lost or hurt and need a lift home. Gone are the days of just donning your running shoes and hitting the road, I now head out locked and loaded in full battle regalia. But I it’s still a small price to pay for the freedom of the road.

On the other side of the coin, how many countries boast such a friendly nation? At any running event you’ll see people with nothing to do with the event cheering for runners from the side of the road. You only need to run the Comrades once to enjoy thousands of strangers offering a kind word, a jelly bean or a banana from the roadside. We also take for granted the wonderful weather.We don’t have to deal with snow, sleet or minus temperatures (very often). We enjoy blue skies, warm seas and friendly people.

This Is Africa – enjoy the ride!

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