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So last year I entered 5 races before I ran the big one.

After all the efforts I put in last year to get myself from zero to runner, um, I mean, marathon runner, I figured I would like to take this challenge one step further this year.

Why not go for PBs in all my races? So I figure if I put it out there now I won’t be able to chicken out.  I will now, of course, be accountable to all of you reading- and, on top of all that, my first race is this weekend.

I’ve been feeling particularly lazy this weekend, so it’s a good time to change gears.  I need to add that I don’t intend on smashing my PBs- a minute or two will be good enough for me.

Afterall, a PB is a PB is a PB…

Here are my times from last year’s races, feel free to check on me and make sure I’m not slacking:

32KM Volksrust Marathon 2:48:00;

21KM Postnet Marathon 1:46:00; 42.2KM

Assegai Marathon 3:38:00; 42.2

Standerton Marathon 3:31:00;

50km Vryheid Easter Marathon 4:48:00,

The Big One, The Daddy of All Races, The 89KM Comrades Marathon: 9:15:00.

I figure that if I keep beating my PBs I will win the Comrades at the age of 104.

Happy Running. Let me know your goals.


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