Qualifier, But No Wine?

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By Lisa Gibbon

The Pietermaritzburg marathon lived up to all expectations, and I managed to qualify comfortably, completing my 55th marathon to date. The route for the marathon is lovely, and the organization is awesome. This is definitely a marathon to put into the calendar in future. Being able to participate with my daughter was an added bonus.

The most difficult part of the day was finding a bottle of wine to celebrate with in the afternoon – like many runners, part of the joy and reward of running is being able to enjoy a glass (or a few) of wine after a long (or not so long) run, and a marathon, particularly a qualifier, requires special recognition. As a Gautenger, I’m used to the grocery stores offering wine for sale on Sundays, but to my surprise (horror, really, let’s be honest) this isn’t the case everywhere.

Ash and I had been to 3 stores with no success, and were considering the local shebeen as a final and desperate option, when she suggested we try the 24/7 store at the local petrol station. We arrived at 13h57, and as I walked in, I saw, to my utmost delight, rows of wine, not yet under lock and key. We beetled down the aisle at pace, fearing a 14h00 shutdown, filled our basket (with some seriously nice stuff, I might add) and hotfooted it up to the cashier, still fearing rejection. To our great delight, the wine was not under curfew yet, and we walked out with supplies for the celebration braai to end a lovely day.

Now it’s onward to Argus, then Om die dam. I’ll make sure I get the wine the day before…..

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