Running And Me: A Late-blooming Love Affair

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Running and me: a late-blooming love affair.

In fact, I always thought the chances of me becoming one of those crazed, emaciated, sweat-oozing, luminescent, blurred figures devouring kilometre after kilometre of tarmac were nil. But a little while ago, fed up with an expanding waistline, unflattering tagged pictures on facebook, and general lethargy, I realised that I was tired of apathy and laziness. I knew deep down that the chubby guy in the pictures was not me, and I decided to make a change.

So, I tied my shoelaces, fell out the door, and slowly started running, and gradually everything changed. I dropped a few kilograms, my pants felt a little looser and a new sense of confidence seeped through me. Here I was, a new convert to the crazed, sweaty world of runners: a place where men’s nipples bleed and your best friend can be plasters and a jar of Vaseline.

This year’s Comrades will be my first attempt at this race that has to a large extent formed my and my family’s identity. At 27 years old, I am the last member of my family to attempt to run the Comrades.  I am the black sheep, with a new paint job who got let in the backdoor.

Attempting to run the Comrades for me is not only about honouring family tradition but, rather, it’s simply something to do, a goal to achieve and a way of keeping fit. Whether in groups on a club run, going full tilt at time trial or slowly disappearing inside myself on a quiet stretch of road, running is something I enjoy and somewhere I think I may have a bit of talent slowly emerging. Maybe it’s genetics as some of the older club members like to point out, who still remember my father’s exploits at Comrades. I just like to run. At the moment I still consider myself a mediocre runner at best.

This week was supposed to be a momentous running week for me. Tonight, Wednesday, was supposed to be the one-year anniversary of my first 10-kilometre race. Unfortunately, I came down with a horrible throat infection and have been forced to keep the shoes in the cupboard for the week until I get better.

Hopefully, by Saturday I will be ready to do a nice long morning run, even though they start at 5 am. Until then, I will continuously quaff down endless supplies of vitamin C to increase my chances.

Funny, how life can change in a year.

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3 Responses to Running And Me: A Late-blooming Love Affair

  1. Grethe Maleta January 24, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    I feel inspired! Looking forward to the next entry!

  2. DG McWarren January 24, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    Just one question, is it jogging or yogging?

  3. Charlotte January 24, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    very proud of you Murray, and know that you will do fantastic.

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