Running Makes Me Happy!

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By Lisa Gibbon

Running (exercise, really), makes me happy. Particularly now, when it’s cold and dark outside in the early morning, and I go out, bundled up against the chill, and I have the street to myself. It is my very best time of the year to run. I almost feel cheated that Comrades is upon us so soon, and my early morning runs give way to necessary rest and recovery. Perhaps I will feel differently after Comrades and I will enjoy my cozy duvet and the warm bed I share with my husband and cats (….mmmm….which also has merit, hehe)

So, 59 marathons have been run in total, and I’m looking forward to number 60, which will also be my tenth Comrades. I feel strong, and I feel ready. All my long runs have gone pretty well, everything is booked and organized for the big weekend, and quite honestly, now I just can’t wait.

Running in a yellow number will be special – I know how I’ve envied others with that number in previous years, and this year I’m the lucky one.

All I have to do now is stay healthy for the next 16 days…….flu bugs, be gone – I’ll take my turn with you after Comrades (only if I really, really have to)

Taper and rest well – the hard work is over, and the fun is about to begin!

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