The Little Things In Life

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By Brandon Paschal

When you’re running ridiculous distances training for Comrades, it is an absolute necessity to find whatever little points of comic relief along the road to keep you sane. Here are a few of my favourites from the last several weeks:

  • At a rainy Joburg time trial an older runner had his even older white running shorts on. There were a few stares.
  • Doing 800m repeats at a track, race walkers were doing a “speed session.” Shakira’s hips can’t even swing like that.
  • I was warming up on a grass track at the top of Fordyce’s infamous Sweethoogte hill. Those annoying birds that nest in the ground started dive-bombing me. That was entertaining for several that were watching.
  • There is one older gentleman who frequents a Joburg time trial in spandex shorts. Every week, same spandex shorts. He gets stares too.
  • A friend and I were jogging an 8k route, and sprinting the hills. A hadeda swoops right in front of our faces, crashes into a fence, flops around for a few seconds, and then flies away. Its hard to sprint up a hill when you can’t breathe from laughing.
  • At a marathon south of Joburg, a man who was apparently running his first marathon was never told about nipple plasters. His yellow vest had two massive red splotches. The two girls taking the numbers and handing out medals had a good laugh, as did most people who were watching.
  • Same marathon, I blow out a snot rocket. Apparently I didn’t blow hard enough. It wrapped around on my cheek and I spent the next kilometre trying to clean it off my face. I hope someone saw that. I’d hate to think something like that happened and I wasn’t able to make anyone laugh.

I really love running, but sometimes I forget that.

Its little moments like this that distract from the punishment I’m inflicting on my body. It’s the little things like this on training runs or at races and time trials that remove the monotony.

If you’re running Two Oceans or Comrades, or if you frequent the RAC and Wanderers Time Trials, beware, I’m watching you.

What are the little things that keep you smiling? We want to know! Add your comments below.

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