This Weather Is Messing With My Wardrobe But Not My Training

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Let it be said that runners are not usually the most fashionable of people, just look how long we were in polyshorts. However the last few weeks have been even worse than normal. I went out for a run with my super duper hardcore runner fiend the other day and she was wearing: her mother’s cycling pants (6 sizes too big), her father’s gym socks, her pyjama top and a push up bra.

The reason? All her running clothes were wet. I am finding myself in a similar situation more and more frequently.

On Wednesday evening I was getting ready for the Kempton 15km Nite Race. My club kit of course was filthy after being used for the Akasia Half Marathon on Saturday, without a single ray of sunshine to inspire laundry in the following days.

I resigned myself to wearing my vest wet after washing it on Wednesday morning, but bottoms? It was pouring outside and freezing. I only own one pair of tights and you guessed it… they were dirty, which brings me to the pair of XS tights in my husband’s cupboard.

The tights originated from my in-laws. They are beautiful black New Balance tights. I was thrilled when I first saw them until I spied the label. One look and I tossed them into my husband’s cupboard with a disgusted sigh. I am a medium person, my husband is a small person.

So on Wednesday in desperation the offending too small tights were dug out of my husband’s cupboard and after a deep breath both for strength and to tuck my tummy in I tried to administer the tights to my person. What followed can only be described as an act of performing an astonishing number of well executed Judo holds on myself with acrobatics and gymnastics thrown in.

Very chuffed with myself I looked in the mirror only to discover that the zips at the ankles were undone and I could not bend over to do them up because the size zero waistband would not accommodate any movement of my beer belly whatsoever.

I must have been a fine sight with my sopping wet vest to accentuate my muffin top of note, ankle zips flailing and my shaved head grown out to a very butch brush cut (can’t wear a cap if its overcast can you?).

That said it was a relief that most of the runners were in about the same state as I was and at least I got 15km in for the day.

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