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By Taryn Townsend

Leaving parties early, the early mornings, the aching legs, the concoction of vitamins and medication to keep flu at bay… all of these will pay off in a few day’s time!

It’s your time to shine and enjoy all the hard work and effort that you have put into completing the Ultimate Human Race.  There will come a time that you feel like you can’t do it anymore.  There will come a time that you will want to sit down and probably not stand up again.  There will come a time when a supporter will entice you with an ice cold beer or perhaps a hot cup of tea.  While you’re out to enjoy the day, don’t get caught up in the supporters and what they have to offer you, unless it is your clubs specified hotspot or a family member that has been waiting for you.  As long as you put one foot in front of the other (no matter how slow that seems at times), you will make it to the end, before the cut off.

Enjoy the vibe, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the support.  One of the feelings I can assure you you will never forget, is the phenomenal sensation you will get when you enter the stadium and make your way along the grass and to the finish line!  Bask in those few metres.  Yes, those people are screaming for you… take it all in.  After all the buzz of the day – enjoy sleeping in on Monday – guilt free!

Another special occasion to enjoy is showcasing your finisher’s medal to your friends and family.  Besides, that’s the reason you had to leave all the parties early or couldn’t make your niece’s 5th birthday party on Saturday!  (In fear of picking up flu or something!). (Once your legs are back to normal, you will have to take her to Gold Reef City to make up for that.)

I’ll be rooting for each runner from my couch this year (with no lack of tears) and hopefully next year I will get another opportunity to blog for Runner’s World and I will have a happier ending.

The 2006 theme for Comrades was still one of my favourites:  It comes from within.  There is no better way to conclude this blog:  The completion of this race comes from within YOU.  Enjoy it!

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