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By Johan Lesch

Well, hope everybody’s training is going well.

I had my qualifier on Saturday and I am glad to say that it went extremely well. I finished in 3h38 minutes. That’s a 37min improvement on my previous PB, and up to about 33km I was even harboring fantasies of a sub 3h30. Needless to say I lost about 8 minutes in the last 9km due to utter fatigue. But it was a great day, two friends and I left Kimberley at about 3 in the morning to drive the 160km odd to Bloemfontein and it was a nice trip. I was however given a lot of grief because we left so early: my friends who are husband and wife are known for err… being on time. Following our trip it was promptly decided that the next trip to a race the travel arrangements will be made by them. I should be a wreck because I tend to be very early.

Well following my qualifier the serious training for comrades starts, armed with some new knowledge following the Comrades road show that visited our club I am looking forward to upping the mileage. I really like high mileage weeks, and we have another marathon in Kimberley the 25th of February the Groot gat marathon, the Klein gat half marathon and the Kort gat 10km which I am really excited about as I have never done it and the turnaround point is actually in a quarry. My friend also asked me to help pace him to a sub 4 hour marathon hopefully I will not disappoint him.

Well, good luck, now the hard work starts.

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