White Christmas

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By Aimee Vandale

For the first time in two years I made my way back ‘home’ to Winnipeg, Canada. Located in the prairies of central Canada and is best know as Neil Young’s birth place, The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Team and of course it’s excruciating cold weather in the winter.

I loved being home for Christmas but with my training program in the back of my mind, it made it harder to relax. The smell of fresh pine from the Christmas tree, the cracking fire place, the smell of turkey and homemade baking made it difficult to get out of the house and train.

The first morning out was a snowy and ‘mild’ -10C. I bundled up wearing 2 pairs of sock, 3 pairs of leggings, 2 thermal shirts, a jacket, hat and gloves. My Mom had a good giggle, she has officially named me her African Princess. That morning we did a beautiful 10km run through a forest, where fresh snow was on the tree branches. It took a while to get used to running on ice again, the goal was not to wipe out. Once I warmed up and could feel my fingers and my toes, it was awesome.

On New Years Day I ran a 5km race that they hold every year across Canada called ‘The Resolution Run’(It’s pretty much for crazy people that want to run in the freezing cold, that’s also why they keep it a short distance). On the morning of the race the temperature dropped to -25C. I bundled up as usual, but I was freezing, so I went for it, trying to get it over with as quick as possible and low and behold I ran a PB. At the end of the race they served hot chocolate and warm cinnamon buns. It was a pretty great way to start the year.

So, so far so good, my training is on track, I haven’t skipped a session. I don’t want to jinx it but it seems easier than I thought and I’m enjoying the process.

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  1. Mary-Anne Brink May 29, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    Hey Aimee, I am so proud of you. Reading this specific post made me think back to my holiday in New York… Also a white Christmas – just before Comrades! I still got engaged on that same holiday as well, so with the snow, cold and romance I found it very difficult to get up and train, so I feel you… I can’t wait to see you at Comrades… and to give you the support that you can only get at a race like Comrades! You will LOVE it!!!!

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